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Monday, 25 May 2020
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Wallers Standard
Sir William Waller's Lifeguard of Horse - Cornet
The first commission I was given was to produce the new cornet for Sir William Waller's Lifeguard of Horse, a regiment in the Sealed Knot Society They gave me a 1" picture to work from, and this was the final product

The cornet is 24" square, I produced it from a piece of pure silk satin, dyed to the correct background colour. The embroidery and detail is all hand stitched. The fringes and tassels were also hand made to match.
The Great Bed of WareWork for the Victoria and Albert Museum
My next major commission was to produce all the embroidery silk for the Blackwork on the pillows for the Great Bed of Ware, part of the New British Galleries display at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The silks were dyed with authentic natural dyes for the period. I was then asked to produced the tassels for the corners of the pillows. In the Bromley - by - Bow room, still in the New British Galleries, I was asked to match a green colour on a cushion and then produce tassels for the corners of this cushion.

Hampton Court Palace
There is an ongoing project to clothe the workers in the Tudor Kitchen in the correctly dyed colours of the period. To this end I produce when required lengths of cloth, dyed to the relevant recipes.

Etal Castle (English Heritage)
Commission to produce 3 flags for the Battle of Flodden site at Etal Castle. Working from the heraldic drawings, the flags were to be naturally dyed and handstitched, approximately 3 ft square and on 8ft poles with finials.
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