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Monday, 25 May 2020
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Easter 2020

Well! What a strange time we are having, life feels so surreal, like we're living through a horror movie almost! Although I have to say that for me it is very pleasant to be able to stay in 1 place for more than a few days and catch up on lots of reading, research and development and even tidy up the house and garden!

We have no idea when events will start happening again, so although there are dates given on the Events page, we can only hope that we will be clear by then, there is still no guarrantee.

We do not have an online shop and only a couple of post offices are open in our area (the local one is closed) we have a postal delivery only a couple of days a week. I am happy to take mail order enquiries, but cannot guarantee I can post them out at the moment - will do my best, but we only only go out 1 day per week (Wednesday) to do any essential shopping, guess that is the day to do posting. Do please make your enquiries though, we will do our best!

Wishing you all well and keep safe,



Facebook or Twitter are still updated regularly and I'm beginning to remember to add photos to Instagram too! (find me @debbiethedyer)  I particularly like them as I can converse with everyone!


If you would like more information or wish to contact me privately the please drop me an email.


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