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Tuesday, 22 January 2019
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February 2018

Well here we are in mid february and I'm just updating! We've had our annual holiday with friends at the beginning of the month - a fabulous break and I can't believe how kind the weather was to us this year! (rain on the first day only, then glorious sunshine for the rest of the week, bitterly cold oat the sea side though!) We went to the Isle of Wight, so I had to visit Alum ay didn't I? Couldn't see anything to start with, but then sure enough we saw the alum shale in the lowest layer before the sand ..... so exciting!

TORM is now looming, it's actually the 16th, 17th, 18th of March, but I have lots to prepare so already feels as though there's no time left!

We are changing some things on the stall this year. There will be a sale of dyes - we have decided to stock only a small selection in future, so come and buy up all the odd dyes that you like - they won't be available from us in future!

With the lack of ability to post new pictures to this site, I tend to keep Facebook or Twitter updated - do come over and take a look, say Hello or make a comment, post a picture - whatever you fancy!

Please bear with me - I'm better with old technology than new!

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