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Tuesday, 16 January 2018
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Written by Debbie Bamford   
Tuesday, 15 April 2014 19:37

Naturally Dyed Cloth

Commission dyeing - Minimum length 3m, maximum piece size 5.5m.

Prices for dyeing start from:

Black & Grey £35 per metre

Green £35 per metre

Blue £25 per metre

Reds (ExcludingCochineal) £25 per metre

Cochineal Reds £30 per metre

Yellows £25 per metre

Purples (Logwood) £25 per metre

Purples (red overdyed blue) £35 per metre

Browns £25 per metre

Plus £1 per 100g weight of cloth on all fabrics.

“Off the peg” dyed cloth

Diamond weave wool cloth madder red, yellow, blue £35 per metre

Diamond weave wool cloth cochineal red, green, black £45 per metre

Ahimsa Pure Silk cloth madder red, yellow, blue £45 per metre

Ahimsa Pure silk cloth cochineal red, green, black £55 per metre

Twill weave linen cloth madder red, yellow, blue £35 per metre

Twill weave linen cloth cochineal red, green, black £45 per metre

Linen Yarn

8/2 natural (unbleached, and semi bleached) 25g Q £3.50(per ball)

8/2 dyed 25g W £5.25(per ball)

8/3 natural (unbleached ) 25g R £3.75(per ball)

12/3 natural (quarter bleached) 25g S £4.00(per ball)

16/2 natural(unbleached, semi bleached and bleached) 25g R £3.75(per ball)

16/2 dyed 25g X £5.75(per ball)

16/3 natural(semi bleached ) 25g S £4.00(per ball)

28/2 natural 25g T £4.50(per ball)

28/2 dyed 25g Z £7.00(per ball)

40/2 natural 25g X £5.75(per ball)

60/2 semi bleached 25g W £5.25(per ball)

Approx length for balls – 8/2 = 60m; 16/2 = 120m; 28/2 = 200m

Dyed linen is also available in larger quantities:

8/2 per 100g pro rata £15

16/2 per 100g pro rata £17

28/2 per 100g pro rata £20

Embroidery Silks and Wools

Mulberry Silk (handspun) (approx 8 mtr lea) £3.50

Stranded spun silk (can be split into individual threads) £4.00

8/2 Spun Silk (approx 25m lea) £4.00

20/2 Spun Silk (approx 25m lea) £4.00

30/2 Spun Silk (approx 50m lea) £4.00

60/2 Spun silk (approx 100m lea) £5.00

Braiding wool(also suitable for petit – point work)

(approx 8 mtr lea) £1.25

Embroidery Wool (approx 50 mtr lea) £2.00

The Colours of5 leas embroidery wool in sets £9.00

The Colours of the Bayeux Tapestry

14 leas 2/24’s Merino wool in sets £25.00

Blackwork Embroidery Set (4 leas silk thread) £15

Knitting, crochet and weaving yarns

Historic Yarns

Wensleydale (dk weight) £8.00 50g lea

Fine Worsted (2/6’s weight) £8.00 50g lea

Worsted (2/8’s weight) £8.00 50g lea

Luxurious Yarns

Lace Weight

Alpaca / Silk lace £9.00 50g lea

Pure Silk Lace £19.95 100glea

Pure Silk Flamé Lace £19.95 100glea

Silk and Linen Lace (70% silk and 30%linen) £19.95100g lea

Camel and Silk £12.50100g lea

Alpaca,silk and cashmere Lace £19.95100g lea

Sock Weight

Alpaca Sock £8.50 50g lea

Alpaca, silk and Cashmere £19.95100g lea

DK Weight

Delice (50%baby alpaca/50%mulberry silk) (dk weight) £9 50g lea

Organic Merino (dk weight) £16 100g lea

Camel and Silk £12.50 100glea

Other Weights



A1 Mulberry silk brick natural £15 brick

Silk Caps natural £3.50 ea

Silk Cocoons natural £1 for 6


Wool  knots dyed £6.00 x 5

Woodwork by Saint Johns Wood

Basic spindles from £7

Special Whorl Spindle (glass etc) (from) £20

Mediæval / Anglo Saxon / Viking Spindle Pewter Whorl (small and large) £15

Silk spindles with support bowl £13.50

Nostepinne £9

Wool Distaff £12

Flax Distaff £35

Peruvian Plyer £12

Niddy Noddy large (approx 2yd) £25

Niddy Noddy medium (approx 1mtr) £15

Medieval Niddy Noddy (approx 2 yds) £35

Tablet Loom replica medieval period £90

Tablets each £1.70

set of 12 £18

Beater Shuttle Hand made box wood £10

Hand made beech wood £9

Shuttle Hand made beech wood from £6.00

Tablet Loom plus 12 tablets and shuttle £115

Inkle Loom £45

Moving Heddle Inkle Loom £60

Tassel Wrapper £5

Lucette from £9

Braiding Disk (36 slots ) from £9.50

Disk stand £4.50

Braiding disk bobbins set of 8 small £3.50

Each 50p

large £4.50

Each 60p

Braiding disk weight (seal or mulberry) £4 ea

Braiding disk weight (mulberry Leaf or sheep) £3

Trollen Disk (8 slots) £8.50

Squisk (36 slots ) £12

64 slot Braiding disk with stand £45

Marudai and Mirror 6” £35

7” £45

Bone Knitting Needles

Hand finished bone needles set of 5 dpns

3mm or 2.5mm £22.50


Braids for Squisk and Disk £4

by D Bamford & J Stoker available in English, French, Dutch and German

various Woolgatherings titles £3.95 ea

Knitting handspun yarns, Insatiable Spinner

All by Rowena Edlin White and Dee Duke

Tyrian or Imperial Purple Dye by J Edmonds £9

Tablet Weaving by Thorskegga Thorn £4

Stationery and Art

Tudor Pencil Supplied in Hessian Bag £18

Based on an original pencil described in a 16th century Natural History book

Replacement graphite sticks individual £1

Pack of 6 £4

Handbeaten English Gold Leaf book 25 leaves £20

Silver leaf book 25 leaves £10

Paint Pigments

Smalt (10g) £10

Verona Green (10g) £3

Red Bole, Iron Oxide Red, French Ochre, £4

Vine Black, Pompeii Red, Burnt Sienna,

Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, Raw Umber,

Green Earth, white (50g)

Paint Brushes

Crow £6

Small Duck £8

Historical Dyes

Dyes listed by Latin name with English, French, German and Italian names (where known) underneath. Nominal weight of packet 100g unless otherwise stated.

Dyes that give Yellows, oranges, browns and beiges


Genista tinctoria yellows and greens C £2.10

(Dyers Greenweed, genestrolle, Farberginster, corniola)

Acacia catechu browns D £2.50

(Cutch, cachou, Gerbenakazie, caciu)

Maclura tinctoria yellows D £2.50

(Old Fustic, bois jaune, Farbermaulbeerbaum, legno giallo).

Rhamnus tinctoria yellows F £4.25

(Persian Berry, nerprun, Farberkreuzdorn, Bacca persiano)

Carthamus tinctorius reds and yellows E £3.15

(Safflower, carthame des teinturiers, Saflor, asfore)

Tanacetum vulgare yellows C £2.10

(Tansy, tanasie, Rainfarn, tanaceto)

Curcuma longa yellows C £2.10

(Turmeric, curcuma, Gelbwurz, curcuma)

Juglans regia browns B £1.70

(Walnut Husk, noyer, Walnussbaum, noce)

Reseda luteola Yellows E £3.15

(Weld, gaude, Wau, erba – gualda)

Dyes that give reds and pinks.

Caesalpinia echinata reds J £7.00

(Brazilwood, bois de Bresil, Fernambuk-Holz, legno di pernambuco)

Dactylopius coccus (bugs or ground) reds (25g) H £6.00

(Cochineal, cochenille, Cochenille, cocciniglia)

Rubia tinctorum reds, oranges, pinks E £3.15

(Madder, garance, Krapp, robbia)

Pterocarpus santalinus pinks and pale reds C £2.10

(Sanderswood, santal rouge, Sandelholz, legno sandal)

Dyes that give blues and purples.

Alkanna tinctoria shades of purple and grey E £3.15

(Alkanet, orcanette, Farbende Ochsenzunge, alkanna spuria)

Indigofera (various species) blues (25g) G £5.00

(Natural Indigo, indigotier, Indigopflanze, indaco)

Haematoxylum campechianum purples, blues, blacks E £3.15

Logwood, bois de Campeche, Blauholz, campeggio

Mordants, Gums etc

Lycopodium clavatum 100g E £3.15


Natural Alum 100g E £3.15

(Potassium aluminium sulphate crystals)

Alum 100g D £2.50

(Potassium aluminium sulphate)

Alum 500g H £6.00

(Potassium aluminium sulphate)

Thiourea Dioxide 100g D £2.50

(Reducing agent for the indigo bath sometimes known as Spectralite)

Oak Gall Powder 100g F £4.25

Natural tannin, or tannic acid)

Cream of Tartar 100g A £1.25

(Potassium Hydrogen Tartrate, residue from wine making,

sometimes known as leys of wine)

Copper Sulphate 100g B £1.70

(known historically as blue copperas)

Ferrous Sulphate 100g B £1.70

(known historically as green copperas)

Soapwort 100g E £3.15

(natural soap, used for cleaning wool, adding into the woad vat, many uses!)

Gum Arabic 100g H £6.00

(used to make ink, a good thickening agent and glue)

Gum Tragacanth 50g H £6.00

(similar to gum Arabic, but has less influence on colour,

used in sugar work and block printing)



Natural Indigo Kit £9.00

Indigo is both the easiest and most complex of all the natural dyes to use. not for the beginner, but once tried the love affair never ends!

Pack includes full instructions plus natural indigo, and the chemicals required to make it work!


Lucette kits with instructions and wools from £11

Basic Braiding Disk kit with instructions and wools from £16.50

Braiding Kits also available in different combinations to suit.

Spindle kit basic with undyed fleece and instructions £12

Anglo Saxon / Viking Spindle Kit

with fleece and instructions £18.50


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