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Monday, 25 May 2020
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Written by Debbie Bamford   
Tuesday, 15 April 2014 19:37


Linen Yarn

8/2 natural (unbleached, and semi bleached) 25g Q £3.50(per ball)

8/2 dyed 25g W £5.25(per ball)

8/3 natural (unbleached ) 25g R £4.50(per ball)

12/3 natural (quarter bleached) 25g S £4.50(per ball)

16/2 natural(unbleached, semi bleached and bleached) 25g R £4.50(per ball)

16/2 dyed 25g X £6.50(per ball)

28/2 natural 25g T £5.25(per ball)

28/2 dyed 25g Z £7.75(per ball)

40/2 natural 25g X £7.00(per ball)

60/2 semi bleached 25g W £5.25(per ball)


Embroidery Silks and Wools

Mulberry Silk (handspun) (approx 8 mtr lea) £3.50

Stranded spun silk (can be split into individual threads) £4.00

8/2 Spun Silk (approx 25m lea) £4.00

20/2 Spun Silk (approx 25m lea) £4.00

30/2 Spun Silk (approx 50m lea) £4.00

60/2 Spun silk (approx 50m lea) £4.00

Braiding wool(also suitable for petit – point work)

(approx 8 mtr lea) £1.25

Embroidery Wool (approx 50 mtr lea) £2.00

The Colours of5 leas embroidery wool in sets £9.00

The Colours of the Bayeux Tapestry

14 leas 2/24’s Merino wool in sets £25.00

Blackwork Embroidery Set (4 leas silk thread) £15

Knitting, crochet and weaving yarns

Historic Yarns

Wensleydale (dk weight) £8.00 50g lea

Fine Worsted (2/6’s weight) £8.00 50g lea

Worsted (2/8’s weight) £8.00 50g lea

Jacob DK £8.00 50g lea

BFL Roving £8.00 50g lea (ideal for naalbinding)

Luxurious Yarns

Lace Weight

Alpaca lace £9.00 50g lea

Pure Silk Flamé Lace £12.50 50g lea

Silk and Linen Lace (70% silk and 30%linen) £12.50 50g lea




A1 Mulberry silk brick natural £15 brick

Silk Caps natural £3.50 ea

Silk Cocoons natural £1 for 6


Wool  knots dyed £6.00 x 5


Basic spindles from £8.50

Special Whorl Spindle (glass etc) (from) £20

Mediæval / Anglo Saxon / Viking Spindle Pewter Whorl (small and large) £15

Silk spindles with support bowl £15

Nostepinne £9

Wool Distaff £15

Flax Distaff £35

Peruvian Plyer £12

Niddy Noddy large (approx 2yd) £25

Niddy Noddy medium (approx 1mtr) £15

Medieval Niddy Noddy (approx 2 yds) £35

Tablet Loom replica medieval period £90

Tablets each £1.70

set of 12 £18

Beater Shuttle Hand made box wood £10

Hand made beech wood £9

Shuttle Hand made beech wood from £6.00

Tablet Loom plus 12 tablets and shuttle £115

Inkle Loom £45

Moving Heddle Inkle Loom £60

Tassel Wrapper £5

Lucette from £9

Braiding Disk (36 slots ) from £9.50

Disk stand £4.50

Braiding disk bobbins set of 8 small £3.50

Each 50p

large £4.50

Each 60p

Braiding disk weight (seal or mulberry) £4 ea

Braiding disk weight (mulberry Leaf or sheep) £3

Trollen Disk (8 slots) £8.50

Squisk (36 slots ) £12

64 slot Braiding disk with stand £45

Marudai and Mirror 6” from £35

7” from £45

Bone Knitting Needles

Hand finished bone needles set of 5 dpns

3mm or 2.5mm £22.50


Braids for Squisk and Disk £4

by D Bamford & J Stoker available in English, French, Dutch and German


Tablet Weaving by Thorskegga Thorn £4


Tudor Pencil Supplied in Hessian Bag £18

Based on an original pencil described in a 16th century Natural History book

Replacement graphite sticks individual £1

Pack of 6 £4


Lucette kits with instructions and wools from £11

Basic Braiding Disk kit with instructions and wools from £16.50

Braiding Kits also available in different combinations to suit.

Spindle kit basic with undyed fleece and instructions £12

Anglo Saxon / Viking Spindle Kit with fleece and instructions £18.50


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